Contributing Musicians

Published on February nd, 2012

Live Performers:

Kathy Nielsen / Keys:  Kathy fell in love with playing piano in 2nd grade and by the time she was a teenager was studying with Gary Sipes, Chopin specialist at MacPhail Center for Music. Along the way to earning a Ph.D. from UCLA, she received a minor in piano performance from the University of Minnesota. For the past twelve years, she has performed sacred music based on the musical traditions of South India —holding the flavor of melody with the harmonium, tonal center with the tamboura, and playful improvisation with the piano. She has newly launched into the adventures provided by jazz piano with the guidance of MacPhail teacher, Tom Pletcher. Her current musical goals include communicating freedom in melody, passion in rhythm, and unity in harmony.

Darrin Askevold / Guitars:  Darrin began playing guitar at age 16 and for all the right reasons…  to pick up girls!  His primary influences come from the years 1966 thru 1976 and include most notably Led Zeppelin, Cream, Blue Oyster Cult, and of course The Beatles.  Darrin is a seasoned performance veteran and is skilled in rock, blues, R&B, funk, jazz, and folk styles.








Anthony Francis Erickson/Drums: Anthony (Tony) started singing and playing the piano, drums and bass trombone at Roseau High School in northern MN.  He attended college at the University of North Dakota and performed in the top jazz ensemble on bass trombone while majoring in Percussion performance.  After college, he performed in several popular regional ND/MN bands on various instruments.  He recently relocated to the Twin Cities area to pursue his passion of making music.  Though he grew up on the beats of Bonham, his favorite drummer is now the Minneapolis great, Dave King.   











Studio Musicians:

Carolyn Gleason / background vocals-

Steve Goold / drums, Latin percussion-

Matt Hanzelka trombone-

Gregg Inhofer piano, organ-

Eric Leeds flute, alto, tenor saxophones-

Zack Lozier trumpet-

Josh Misner violin, viola-

Ricky Peterson / hammond B3 organ-

David Raso acoustic, electric guitar-

Dale Strength / acoustic, electric guitar-

Teri Untalan / violin, viola-

Ken Wilson banjo, dobro, pedal steel-